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Everyday problems...

Have you ever manually compiled all the data for a extensive calendar in a time-consuming manner and in the end found out that that you made a mistake despite taking the greatest care?

Would you like to address your customers with personal product recommendations in the mailbox, like online happens every day with digital ads, but evaluating the ideal product recommendation is just as time-consuming as designing individual advertising postcards?

Are you annoyed about constantly entering appointments in your calendar because you are highly motivated to send individual reminder letters and then, annoyed, you only send a standardized letter because compiling the individual data for a personalized solution takes far too much time and the customer does too can be a bit independent?

...and how we solve them

Our projects and services range from the booking tool, which generates booking confirmations and invoices as well as independently creating a reminder with a compilation of all necessary information in good time before a booking, to solutions that generate product recommendations using the available data from e-commerce shops Information advertising material from postcards to catalog extracts for the One-to-one-Marketing, right up to software that creates a complete calendar in just a few seconds based on a pre-selection of desired information created.

You can concentrate on the things that don't just need to be processed, and your customers will still be happy about the good service and the fulfillment of their individual needs.

Examples of clever solutions


Automations in the area of ​​calendar production for designers

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Intelligent layouts, layout automation and layout customization

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Easily present product diversity

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Reduce bureaucracy through automation.

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1 is our gift to all the troubled designers who search for holidays, vacations, moon phases, etc. for their calendars year after year. The calendar can be configured using an online editor and is then immediately available. Once downloaded, it can be edited in Adobe InDesign, QuarkXPress and Affinity Publisher. Designers all over the world use our service and generate several thousand calendars every year.


ManyPrint Solutions is what we call our service with which we are revolutionizing the printing industry. By completely rethinking design processes, we are able to achieve 100% automation and 100% individualization — where others think print is static and boring. Wrong thought! Printed matter is more dynamic, lively and relevant than ever before.


How can a large product range be presented easily? For example, with an online configurator like the one we developed for Metdra.

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It can take a lot of time to register and insure a frequently changing workforce in accordance with legal requirements. With our online platform, these steps are automated. You only need to fill out a single form and our system will take care of the rest. All documents are generated in the form of PDFs and then sent by email or post.

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