The connection between printed and digital media

Print and digital belong together

Do automated processes make manual work obsolete? And will digital media one day completely replace printed media? Not with us!

As Bit&Black we develop and implement bold concepts to combine the strengths of the digital and analog worlds in order to gain time for meaningful work and higher quality.

Who we are

Why do we continue to rely on print even though we can stop the process at any time with the digital product?

Digitalization has created opportunities that initially could not be implemented in the slow print sector — above all, individualization and always up-to-date information. At the same time, digital products have lost the strengths of a product that can be experienced with the senses: various materials, finishes or further processing enable optical, haptic, acoustic, and possibly even olfactory and gustatory impressions that can underline the message of information if they are used appropriately.

However, the machines that can implement products that combine the strengths of both worlds already exist: digital printing as well as digital finishing and further processing enable highly individualized products in editions of 1 — but in many places there is a lack of software that can adapt the products accordingly — and prepared. This is where we start.

Our projects and services

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