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Grid layout framework

Grid is a class framework written in PHP that can be used to create grid layouts.

It can be used to generate layout options by automatically placing elements using a previously defined corporate design.

First, an area is defined with a design grid and then design elements such as images or text frames with their respective behavior.

Grid can create and provide thousands of layouts within minutes.

Layout options animated


An area is defined with 9x9 grids. This area corresponds to one page for a later print product. The grids already show page edges, columns and bars. It is then defined that an image element may be a minimum of 1 × 1 grid and a maximum of 3 × 3 grid size. After all elements have been defined, Grid calculates all possible element combinations. This can quickly run into the thousands. Finally, the so-called layout options can be filtered and saved. They are available at a later date and provide information about the position and dimensions of an element.